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The Consequences Of Vaping

McKenzie Dickhausen

Vaping. What can it do to your body? I interviewed multiple staff members here at MPHS and a few students . Kenzie and I came up with a few questions to ask the people. 1. Do you know the repercussions to you and your body when you start vaping? 2. Do you know what kind of trouble you can get in at school when getting caught with a vape? 3. Do you know anyone who struggles with addiction 4. Do you know what you could do to help the people who are struggling with addiction? 5. Do you know what vaping could do to you if you have baby lungs (underdeveloped lungs) 


The first person we interviewed was Andy (he works in the guidance office)

His answer to question number one was 1.”it kills your body” 2.”if you agree to take a vape class It’s 1 day out of school if not 3 days out” 3. He himself struggles with addition 4.”if you have baby lungs it’ll kill you” 


The second person we interviewed was Shannon (the bi) her answer  to number 1 was “popcorn lungs, solen limonoids, hard breathing” 2. “Take a vape class and get out of suspension” 3. “Yes a lot of people, mainly students” 4. She thinks keeping kids our age educated on vaping 5. It’ll ruin your body

The third person we interviewed was The school officer (Lenord) 1. It’s bad for your body. 2. Immediate oss pentically a MIP (Minor in possession) 3.yes a lot  4. Self educate, and vape class


The fourth person we interviewed was Ms. Davis 1. Yes, It can affect your lungs 15 times worse than a cigarette   2.    3-5 for vaping or 1 day with vape class    3. Yes,student. She tells her own kids to not even try it because of addition 4. Their not going to fully develop.

Here’s my own story about vaping. My lymph nodes were swollen and it was causing me to have a hard time breathing . I had to get an inhaler and start drinking a lot of water and go in for a lot of appointments to make sure everything was going well. My lymph nodes were so swollen and large it was causing holes in my lungs. It’s very hard to deal with because you never expect something like this to happen to you or somebody you know, usually it’s just seen online or a friend tells you something about it. It’s no joke vaping could leave serious damage on you and your body.

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Kendra Ketchum
Kendra Ketchum, Staff Reporter
Kendra Ketchum is a junior at MPHS. Outside of her work as a staff reporter for the Pipeline, she’s usually working or with her 12 siblings. She enjoys hanging out with her boyfriend, friends, and family.
McKenzie Dickhausen
McKenzie Dickhausen, Former Staff Reporter
McKenzie Dickhausen is a senior and first-year staffer on the Pipeline. She was drawn to newspapers by her interest in what's going on in her community. She is most interested in covering events that are going on within the school. When she isn’t covering events, you can find her hanging out with friends, driving around, or working.
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