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Teacher Feature: Mrs. Cain

Mrs. Cain speaks passionately about her choice to become a teacher, continuing her singing career and more!
Keyana Hernandez
Mrs. Cain is excited to be interviewed!

Meet Alexia Cain. She primarily teaches 9th grade English, honors and regular. She has previously taught the communication elective as well as other electives. We began to ask her some questions to get to know her more and she answered very well, here it is. 

When asked about what class she would teach if she wasn’t an English teacher she answered ¨I would love to teach theater also I would love to teach Student Senate, and business management” She feels that stuff like that would be fun to plan events.

 Now we needed to get the information on how she felt about the staff band rejecting her for the Oscars. ¨You know I had heard that a couple of teachers were going to perform at the oscars, they had asked the question of who plays a musical instrument, and to raise their hand, but since my voice is my musical instrument I didn’t stand and so all the teachers who played raised their hand and I didnt.” She continued about the process of the making of the staff school band and Mrs. Schwemer had gotten asked to be bass and she offered herself to sing for them. “Oh I could do great background vocals, I can ooh sha la la.” They rejected her offer. She then mentioned an idea of a “Teacher Talent Show” and all of the money made from it would go to Fine Arts programs. “I feel like that would be a really cool thing,” she said. In addition to her singing I asked “When did you start singing?” she explained “I started singing as soon as I could speak but I really started singing and performing in Rebels Bar at five years old with my father.” She adds “This became a tradition every birthday I would sing at Rebels and that is how it all started.” Mrs. Cain did many talent shows and was in every musical in middle school and highschool and she really enjoyed it. She explains that after retirement from teaching she would most definitely try to pursue her passions that she didn’t have time for including singing, acting and more. 

The next question was “What about English did you enjoy so much that made you want to teach it?” She explained that as a student she didn’t love to read, until college. She has always seen writing as “cathartic” though. She expressed “the idea to take all your worries and emotions and to be able to let all your thoughts and all the things you don’t feel comfortable sharing you can put into a poem, a song, and release all your emotions and issues that you’re having is just awesome to me.” 

In my own experience having Mrs. Cain as an English teacher has not only taught me more but grew my love for writing. We had a assignment second trimester for her to get to know us and it was a couple paragraphs about who we are, and that essay really changed my perspective on how much writing can impact your brain, when I write my feelings it all releases onto the paper or computer and in a way it’s so therapeutic. Since the day I stepped into Cain’s class I knew it was going to be one great experience. Her energy, how understanding but strict she was. She really had a balance and I appreciated that alot. Mrs. Cain is an amazing teacher and I am glad that I was able to introduce her or let you all know more about her if you haven’t met her yet or just didn’t know her too well. Thank you for reading, Pipeline out. 

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